Friday, May 28, 2004

Some useful links

Recently a collegue of mine needed some help with Creating a Windows Service, Creating an MSI Installer and Updater Application Block for .NET. Being in the middle of a project he prefered something a simple not the boring comprehensive resources from MSDN. Having used all these in my earlier projects more that an year ago, I had a tought time then finding quality resources to help me understand exactly how to use them. MSDN Was the only good place i could find something good. But yesterday when i started searching on the net for some good stuff I was amazed to see how many new resoruces are available. I compiled a list of link which he can use. I would like to share with everybody who may be interested in these.

Updater Application Block for .NET



The Gotdotnet community Workspace

The nuts and bolts

Windows Service



History & Geography (Architecture and related stuff)

MSI Installer in .Net


The nuts and bolts

Unfourtunately, a majority of links are still from MSDN ;)

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