Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Team System 2008

Brian (VSTS Product Group Manager) in his recent post published the TFS 2008 feature list. I am very happy to see some of the features specially support for SPS 2007 and SQL reporting on any server.
My organization already deployed a SPS 2007 and SQL Reporting 2005 server farms in addition to the SQL Server 2005 farm hosting our data marts and RDBMS databases. TFS 2008 will enable us to leverage the existing infrastructure rather than build all the infrastructure from scratch. The cost of deploying/maintaining TFS 2008 will be much less than setting up a dedicated high availability environment.
The only thing I am still looking for answers is the support for 64 bit OS in TFS 2008. Unfortunately the TFS 2005 middle tier was not supported on 64 bit OS. I hope TFS 2008 will be supported on a 64 bit environment. I will try to install it on a virtual machine and see if that works.

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  1. Brian (VSTS Product Group Manager) just confirmed that there will be no 64 bit support for the application tier in TFS 2008. But hopefully we will still be able use 64-bit MOSS 2007 and SQL 2005 in case of remote Sharepoint, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.