Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have decide to do reboot my blog and start blogging again. First came the facelift I have chose a new template and did some house cleaning. Next came the tools which will help me create the blog posts for now I have settled on the Live Writer. Hopefully it will simplify some of the tasks that frustrated me last time around when I tried to blog.

It has been 4+ years since I last blogged. So why now?

It is a milestone year for me. It was quarter a century ago I saw my first computer which started my love affair with computers.  And it was a decade ago I  started getting paid to do what I love to do the most - work with computers.

The last 25 years were very exciting years for anybody who had a passion for computers and the next 25 years will be even more exciting. Look around what has already been announced  Windows 8 Consumer Preview, SQL Server 2012 , Visual Studio 11 Beta and this is just the first quarter and just from one company Microsoft. We are not even talking about Apple here that’s a whole different story.

These are times when I miss school where I could find friends who shared my passion to play around with a new product or update. I miss the discussions and  the arguments around what was great or disappointing about a piece of software. 

So I have decided it was time to start the discussion or I should say join the discussion on the internet. My blog will be the place where I can argue or discuss my opinions regarding what is good or bad about the various computing products and hope to find not just readers who share my opinion but counter arguments.

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